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8 sk 3. printing has been uploaded to the WEB (1. November 2019)

16 sk 2. and 4. printing has been uploaded to the WEB (2. November 2019)

The study group for “The Denmark 1864 issue” is a fraction of Kjøbenhavns Philatelist Klub (KPK) or Copenhagen Philatelic Club. The study group has startet 1. january 2018 by Lars Peter Svendsen and Erik Rasmussen.

Questions regarding the studie group can be sent to formand@kpk.dk

How to use the homepage: 

Please use the menu to navigate between the different values. 

For the different submenus marked with a *) behind, are photos uploaded of stamps from the different locations in the sheets. Additional photos will be uploaded on running basis.

When a specific printing is selected you can go further down in the information structure and select a single possition in the printing sheet

and finally scroll between the different possisions by using the arrows.

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